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Brief  van Matthis Wackernagel aan Leven met de Aarde Dear Friend,

Right now the eyes of the world are on Copenhagen - and rightly so. International agreements will be crucial if we are to reduce CO2 levels and thus limit the extent of climate change.

But no matter what happens in Copenhagen, many of the governments Global Footprint Network works with are already beginning to act. Ecuador’s new development goal, for example, aims at reversing the country’s ecological deficit by 2013. In Brazil, Curitiba, a large eco-city known for its progressive planning and transportation systems, is using our data to measure its Footprint.

These countries, and the many others we work with, understand that climate change is a symptom of a larger, systemic issue – human demand on nature is simply outstripping what nature can support.

Using a process that helps nations study ecological trends, understand their self-interest, and weigh their options, our Ecological Footprint accounting process is helping government and other leaders make the bold moves necessary to put us on a path toward a sustainable human future.

Please help us continue to do this important work with a gift to Global Footprint Network this year. Your gift will help us to work with scores of countries considering adoption of sustainability measures for the well-being of their citizens and ultimately the world.

We’re gaining traction and your support is now more important than ever.


Mathis Wackernagel


P.S. When you give this year, please know that your support helps get us closer to a world that is sustainable for our children and our children’s children.