A Spiritual Suggestion

from Surya Green
for the present crisis
22 March 2020

Brightness dares to emerge in the darkest of situations.
Brightness offers armor against COVID-19.

Besides the safety measures we are presently maintaining
to help protect the well-being of our self and others,
we can create around our body-mind complex
a bright armor of protective transcendental light.

Invisible to the ordinary eye is the corona virus.
Unseen also is the aura, the subtle energy field
surrounding every substance on Earth.
The brighter the aura shield radiating
within and around our physical body,
the more it filters out environmental matter
potentially harmful to the body-mind complex.

There are various spiritual and meditative ways to create
a brighter energetic shield around the physical body.
Whatever we are presently practicing, or not,
we can further strengthen our transcendental protection.

One suggestion: every morning we can recite a transcendental text
from a religious or spiritual tradition of our choice.
Reciting transcendental words attuned with higher universal energy
will bring quietness and peace to the mind.

To accompany our recitation, we may additionally light a candle.
Candlelight helps bring focus and relaxation to the mind.

Scientific studies have shown (please Google)
that when the mind is quiet and peaceful,
feel-good hormones are released into the system
strengthening immunity to resist disease.

Furthermore, inner quiet, peace, and relaxation
brighten the aura.
The brighter our aura,
the greater its ability to shield us from anti-life forces.

Carrying out transcendental protective practices
will also bring brightness into our surroundings.
Helping our self, others, our environment, and our society,
we become a spiritual force for good
in this threatened world.

According to Indian Vedic astrology and spiritual masters,
the entire year 2020 may be exceptionally challenging
to humanity and this planet.
Thus, it is advisable to recite transcendental recitations and prayers
that will bring quietness and peace within and bright aura without.

Now is the time to bolster our transcendental defense.
Choose a transcendental text to recite
and enjoy growing brightness!

Be well, stay well, Sun greetings,

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