Ik heb een liedje gemaakt over de waterkringloop, en een boekverslag over Opperrabbijn Jonathan Sacks' boek Moraliteit, waarom we haar nodig hebben en waar we haar kunnen vinden''. Misschien is het leuk om een versie van het boekverslag op de site te zetten, hoewel de inhoud waarschijnlijk niet representatief voor de stichting is. De tekst van het liedje is als volgt:

Panta Rhei

All things flow, nothing abides. You cannot step into the same river twice, for the waters are continually flowing on. Nothing is permanent except change. (after Heraclitus)

We are temporary vessels of ageless modes of flow. The water that flows within and outside of us, cannot be claimed by bankers or soda companies. At the mercy of the laws that support our existence: That do not speak of want, nor reeks of greed, Of pressure differentials, surface tension, and bonding energies.

The components have existed for some time. Hydrogen, the first and most abundant element, formed its nucleus during the big bang. The means by which are currently under investigation. Oxygen is formed in the main fusion sequence of stars, from which it is dispersed throughout in supernovae. Together, they pair to form this most amazing and versatile substance.

In different ways form different phases; Gas, liquid, and solid. Heat from the sun evaporates surface water, that raised into clouds From rolling seas to the unseen streams, that work beneath earth's surface; The great flow of the world, in which life is conceived. Ever collecting, ever moving; transience its purpose. From the deepest hair-like root, to the highest leaf on a tree. From the peak of Everest, to the Mariana trench.

The cycle knows neither beginning nor end, That which continually feeds, transports and deposits,

Evaporation, the light that feeds our life turns liquid into gas, condensation, the gas returns to liquid precipitation, the grown droplets return to soil and sea,

interception, infiltration, percolation through streams underground; transpiration; leaves and skin alike make for stable temperature gradients

The many forms continually transforming, and the voyage taken by any molecule, would put to shame any made up story.

Simon Visscher

Boekverslag over Opperrabbijn Jonathan Sacks' boek Moraliteit