For everyone: The Mirror Feast

- how to get more awareness celebrating our unique feasts and sharing one feast for all -

Dear reader, to celebrate peace –red, wholeness –blue, and unity –yellow

Below you will find an explanation handed to go with the collage. The goal is that in every form of life and every community on the earth a form of equality in variety is experienced and exercised. Reason to share in colour

Ramadan 2015 was celebrated between 18 June an 16 July. Eid (Sugar Festival) from 17 – 19 July. During this period we heard a lecture about the theme peace, wholeness and unity. The question to reflect on what connects us as people and the inclination to draw or paint something with the sugar feast was not new. How to make an image? We are used to drawings of Jesus on the cross, or of a Chanoeka, an open grave, but a drawing of Eid. It had to be something “sweet”, for during Eid families get together and share sweet delicacies. Also I wanted to put things into these bits of art that are dear to me and that helped me to reflect on the course events take. I did have some ideas there. A flower I was given on my 54th birthday from a friend’s garden. That hydrangea flower turned out to contain 54 small flowers. Part of the corsage I wore when my daughter and when my son were married, something perishable, that which comes out of your comb every day, because you grow older ….. your hair thins.

It should be something that everybody may see, because he is equal, learns from others, does not pretend to know better …. As philosophers teach not to judge, but also what others say in a variety of cultures all over the place. And it was supposed to show that we are linked.

The pieces of art are to reflect the themes peace, wholeness and unity. How to achieve this? Well, just get started. The three prime colours were chosen. In scientific waves they combined form the white light …. Clear and available for everyone, for all life. This light is the light of The Beginning, indispensable for everything that was created.

Without light, no life, no energy, no growth. This was the first thing God said, and Christ demonstrated it: the Light of the World, and together with him we are all light bearers, who make one another’s feet ‘light”.

Three hardboard panels were painted with the main colour

  • Red – peace
  • Blue – wholeness
  • Yellow – unity
These hardboard panels symbolize the feminine.

As a pendant the same was done on envelopes. In an envelope something leaves, makes a journey to something else, a message, a gift.
These envelopes symbolize the masculine

In the collages these two kinds, panels and the envelopes, are joined to one whole. We find feminine and masculine joining to bring wholeness and unity in peace everywhere.
With these colours all kinds of thoughts may come up.

The serpentines were used during a wedding and also contain the colour green. Green is the colour of the prophet Muhammed. It was incorporated among the red, blue and yellow colours. This as a symbol for the convergence of different cultures of people on the earth, who have differing images of God, but who all recognise the divine appearance of a peacemaker, bringer of salvation, who experience unity, when we have peace in Christ, or in another person, a blessed person, someone sent whom we do know. The divine is in the experience and in non-violent communication based on equality.

The divine is the shared wisdom and the common goal, to be there for one another, to love each other, as we love ourselves. This goes for all people, together with the earth. We share the same bread, the same wine, the same earth. A living earth is a living universe. The van Limburg Brothers, Nijmegen artists in 1400 – 1416, painted Jesus, lying on the ground, because he came from the earth and went back to the earth. Through the three colours you will see the brown line symbolising the earth. In the male this is expressed as barbed wire, still. It will change, because soft powers will overcome.

We are all earth, hence the goals of Foundation Living with the Earth, where man is part the whole and where the anthropocentric vision of life seems wrong. It is impossible for us to live without due reverence for all of creation, with which we have become what and who we are.

We are pleased that our pope Franciscus so intensively shows us the right road.

Considering the great questions facing mankind: the growing abyss between poor and rich, the declining love for one another and growing selfishness, the heartlessness and short-sightedness, the climate problem as a result of human behaviour, the great flow of people in search of better lives in righteousness, decreasing biodiversity, the West’s guilt towards the rest of the earth, we offer you these soft sweet colours.

Now that in our 24 hour economy and in our divided world discussion starts – which days should or should we not have a feast – and in existing traditions familiarity with the meaning of traditions is mon the decline, we invite you to join us in thinking about something new … a FEAST for every world citizen, to celebrate that we co-exist in equality, that we can be who we are and that we need one another’s respect.

It is not the atrocities in the books we read, as Bible and Koran, that are the problem, but the fact that one person thinks he knows better than the next. A common feast which makes us realize we can only function together and that we are all equally wanted by the creator, that the richness in diversity in the world of plants, animals and people is a great joy. That we all take care of the earth and restore her.

We suggest such a FEAST and it is with all those who have a responsibility as spiritual leaders that we want to work towards this.

Thus Ramadan, Eid and carnival and Lent will get a meaning for everyone as a time for purification, but also as a mirror towards each other, in order to learn from each other. This could be the feast of the mirror

22 march is world water day
22 April is world earth day

These days are already days named to stand still with the significance of water and the earth for creation/nature and her evolution. 6 April is the day in between, a day on which the earth mirrors the waters Would it be possible to emphasise these days even more as common festive days? The month in between could be a month of reflection and study. For meeting others and for exercising in what binds us: care of the earth. Above that it is a time for sowing and planting.

All this can be combined and started with everyone in the communities. Then the places where the seeds and cuttings are kept could be new beneficial places.

What do you see in this collage? The work of two people, because a friend added:
- red with greenwhite: this greenwhite symbolises the link with the electricity net, through which we always have even more possibilities in the light.
- red with wood: this piece of wood is to show us how beautifully we can use the natural product wood, the cellulose without causing any damage at all, but always with respect and beauty.
- blue trapeze balcony: the gate was made of brass … an alloy …. a wholeness.
- blue ferrocarbon: a coin looking like copper, but in fact made of iron, deceit by Mammon.
- yellow: a clothespin and a plastic bag were added. In the unity of being everyone goes their own way.
- yellow: paper, cellulose, that beautiful material forms the back between these two pins that join.

Everywhere on earth colours represent values. Respecting those values and practice dignity, with new traditions, together with reviving the earth and our own spirituality, realizing a paradigm switch and a different culture where we do not compete for the lowest cost price, but where we share what the earth and the sun can lastingly provide.

We wish you in you own surrounding a fine future and development, a character that welcomes and amazes the people that come to you: we wish that will be possible. It will be as if we are hearing them talk in our own language …. We have never experienced anything like it. ….

A place of peace, wholeness and unity.