350.org vraagt om steun

Dear friends,
You may have noticed a trend on the internet lately -- the rise of sensational headlines that are too tempting to resist. But once you click the link or the email, you realise that the results are often...underwhelming.
Here at 350.org, we’re all about straight talk and bold action on the most important challenge of our time. No sugar-coating. No overblown language. 

The same goes for this letter. We've got big plans that need money -- but I’m not interested in tricking you into donating to 350. I want you to donate to 350 because you feel like our work to build a global climate movement is absolutely vital.
If you think this work is important, click here to donate -- any amount makes a difference.
We’re not a veteran environmental group, and we don’t have all the answers. But we’re proud of the work we do: we have a strong team, and against all odds we’ve been able to build a powerful movement over the last few years. Here’s just a sampling of what we did in 2014:

- Helped coordinate the People’s Climate March -- the largest mobilisation on climate change the world has ever seen, with more than 400,000 people marching in New York city and countless others at over 2,000 solidarity events around the world. 

- Escalated the fossil fuel divestment movement, and scored major victories in the fight to make our institutions Fossil Free.

- Expanded our campaigns to stop dozens of other major fossil fuel infrastructure projects including the Keystone XL pipeline.

- Trained thousands of local activists around the world and launched hundreds of local campaigns.

I could go on and on -- but at this point you’re probably either convinced to donate, or you’re not. If you're able to help out, please click here to support this work.
We're gearing up for a truly pivotal year in the climate fight -- and the support we get from thousands of people around the world makes it all possible. 
I can’t wait to work with all of you in the year ahead. What happens next might just amaze you. Truly.
May Boeve for the 350.org Team

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