Chaos: Feature of the Model or Property of Nature?

Jorma Dooper  &  Simon Visscher
January 21, 2010


In this paper, a number of important intertwined questions will be explored. The central question is, what chaos tells us about whether or  not the world behaves deterministically. To begin with, chaos must be defined. Next, the relation between models of the world and the world itself must be understood. This involves determining what a model  is, and how it can relate and refer to the world. A description of how we attribute chaos to the world, or to the model, is given. Also, the relation between quantum mechanics and chaotic phenomena is explored. In effect, ellements of chaos theory can form a bridge between
 the quantum realm and macroscopic systems. One can therefore use chaos theory to translate the question of determinism on any level of reality to one about the correct interpretation of quantum theory.