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Be aware, take care!

door Dr. Juri Czabanowski, Historian of Art & Architecture, Office Urchitecton

Jianthua’s installation was shown at the exhibition New World Order - Hedendaagse Installatie-kunst en Fotografie uit China (New World Order - Contemporary Art of Installation and Photography from China) at Museum of Modern Art in Groningen (NL). This picture of Yiwu Survey is one of more existing installations Jianthua made especially for the occasion of this exhibition New World Order in 2006. Later in 2008 he made a look-a-like installation during the exhibition Go China.

Post-oil society? A tsunami of plastic products as a result of our mass consumption! Overwhelming impression of the way we packaging our products in artificial material mostly based on oil, non-environmental and very expensive in nearest future because of diminishing stocks of oil worldwide. This piece of art is a call, even more a cry, to stop our crazy behavior to waste our materials and to taxing and destroying our environment worldwide by neglecting decency and respect for nature.
Jianthua protest of destroying and polluting our natural environment by artificial is a warning to be aware again of our way of treatment of precious and worthy things in life.
Taking no care to act in general and wasting will have a big prize for our own sanity in a unbearable and polluted world where health is not guaranteed anymore because of a losvital ecosystems.

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