9. November 2016: US-Americans in Flush

The majority of US-Americans voted for a radical change as result of feeling undressed
Candidate Hillary, former first lady, received a shock: her pale Bill looked unblessed
Still the Dollar Stock and Exchange will follow the flow of Hanging Rock and Hudson River
worldwide financial cyber-clouds and geological climate-change debat will shiver

This naked US-majority became the basement of the established class of the US-upper
voting in order to their fear and anger to offer their last exclusive supper
mais, mais, mais… ending Voltaires letters as reminding remotor
doesn’t mean translated they will serve free sweetcorn to their voter
anyway promising words creating sweet oneliners will come and go
whisperings in typical bungalows and screaming sky-highs from LA to Chicago

you got what you vote, nearly incredible, impossible to cancel the result
Did God bless America, did he enlighten the self-conscious adult?
or are the imaginary walls already build in their separated minds
separating human mankind in specific classes of all kinds

Humpty Dumpties are still sitting on the seats on the top of the Wall
looking down how the stocks of just other drop-out donuts fall
Down looking Jones and Jane live strong and long lives
with profitable Capitalism creating Cannibals without knives
The gap between the High Society Top and low Streetwalker
can't solved and closed by small-talkers drinking Johnny Walker

play hi, replay ho, say Hillary ho ho
learning of this Horror Vacuum Picture show
politicians come and go
flow with the wind high and low
their drones and rockets fly in the sky
to play a so-called clean war to say good bey
to scales like big, bigger, becoming biggest all around
so let’s turn singing proud, loud a common sound
looking at the stars with twinkling eyes, still wondering high
wishing and dreaming of whatever... give it a renewable try

Once upon a time God blessed not only America
Divineness is not continental focused, national deaf or local blind
Stupidity exists still, everywhere being left globally behind
this disease only can be rescued becoming aware
to share know-how, empathy and acting fair
reasonable with all respect for worldwide life
never candidate and vote again demagogic types
of Mecky the Knife promising hypocritical hypes
Killing agendas should become collective Urgendas
which content and probable effects everybody has the capacity to know
in which ways integral sustain-stabilities blow
becoming a part of the reception of the mother cake inclusive Anthropocene
the human potential seed spread over the oceanographic global scene
nomadic tribes will still rise like daily bread as it has never been
before building skyscrapers like transformed rocks in the sky
in regions and levels where normally eagles only can fly
catching an eye to get a perspective overview here... high
watching whales hidden in the depths the heavenly earth
sailing together to break the breathing waves since their birth
not blaming and exploring natural resources without reason
breeding and feeding concerning in order of each season
multicultures empower habitats everywhere as vital biotope
transform into bio-techtopes of cyber you-tubes on our globe

Let's behave, save and shave the cultural World together hand in hand
recovering war-broken Eliot’s poetic registration of concentrated Wasteland
ruling compromised with consciousness spreading positive influences
by opening eyes and speaking lips in reminding common senses
walking on the sunny side of the cosmopolitan street
following the techno- and biorhythm of the vital beat
catch as many as possible, bundle the harmonious beams
to share and stimulate dynamic sustainstable streams
Homes of Commons in One World of sinfonic high fidelity
double checked and balanced enjoying shaking hands
like the applaus for satisfied freedom as an eagle lands
on the blue-green pearl in the endless darkness the universe
our spaceship Mother Earth: we don’t have a reserved reverse

(c)/co Juri Czabanowski, 9. November 2016: US-Americans in Flush,
Contra-Dicted & -Pointed Poem II, 2016